Founding Attorney, Robert Nutt, practiced management consulting for over 15-years before attending law-school.  His employers included KPMG, Booz•Allen & Hamilton, META Group (now part of Gartner Group) and other leaders in strategy, business and technology.  His clients included: American Express, FedEx, Prudential, Sprint, United Rentals, Xerox and the United States Navy.  His responsibilities progressed from Consultant and Senior Consultant to Project Leader and Regional Manager to Director and Senior Vice President.  His background epitomizes business acumen with proven success.  From this experience, he envisioned a Law Firm different from traditional models.  

A Business Law Firm should be pro-active with clients to save them money, providing timely advice before problems become expensive.  

A Business Law Firm should preserve long-term relationships of clients with suppliers, customers, contractors and employees.  Litigation should follow negotiation in the same way military action follows diplomacy.  

A Business Law Firm should consistently focus on the needs of business and not practice conflicting areas of law such as divorce and criminal defense representation.  Business is about sustainable growth and integrity not destruction of relationships and getting away with inherently wrong actions.  

The Law Firm of Robert Nutt, MBA, JD is a pro-active, relationship-oriented firm that focuses on profitable, sustainable growth of clients through quality representation of business and legal needs.

A Business Law Firm helps the community; and, a Business Attorney is a valued member of Client Leadership Teams.