Staying Current in a Changing World

From the economy over which we have little control to our local markets in which we influence, change is inevitable.  Suppliers, contractors and employees change.  Technology, processes and environments change.  Accordingly, this firm must also change.  Here we highlight our beginnings and the intelligent design for our future.  

1 thought on “Staying Current in a Changing World

  1. Our practice as well as advice to clients, “always know who you are doing business with.” For employees, we always hire “Temp-to-Perm.” Character cannot be fully understood in a single meeting or series of interviews; but, there is no gap of understanding after the first 90-days. For the 90-day probationary period, new employees work on the books of a temp agency. If any problem surfaces, termination is swift and the ex-probationary-employee cannot sue either the employer or temp agency. Termination of the temp contract is without cause and without a contract position, neither the employee nor the temp agency can be successfully sued.

    Where contract/job size is financially significant, background checks quickly reveal credit worthiness of clients as well as their litigation history is quickly evident.

    Similarly, contractors and proposed business partners often have easily discernable backgrounds.

    By looking intelligently, before you leap and, during the first few steps, the most expensive, frustrating and legally exhausting disputes can be avoided.

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